Certified Farm and Land Real Estate Appraisals

Barn Door Appraisals proudly serves Southwest Missouri by providing expert farm and land real estate appraisal services.

Why Choose Barn Door Appraisals

Tera is a certified general real estate appraiser specializing in commercial and agricultural real estate appraisals. The Barn Door Appraisal team has the knowledge and expertise to offer expert farm and real estate appraisal services in Southwest Missouri.

Tera grew up on a farm in Southwest Missouri and understands the uniqueness and the beauty of the area. Barn Door Appraisals knows that an appraisal is an important part of any real estate transaction and we have the experience, knowledge, and expertise required to ensure that you, your family, and your business make the best decision.

Why You Need a Farm or Land Real Estate Appraisal

  • Farm and land real estate loan documentation
  • Estate planning and settlements
  • Dividing or partitioning of land
  • Completion of a real estate sale or 1031 property exchange
  • Agricultural business reorganization or bankruptcy
  • Farm investment analysis
  • Farm real estate sales
  • Step-up basis
  • Date of death evaluations

What Type of Properties Need a Farm or Land Real Estate Appraisal?

  • Dairy farms
  • Rare and unique rural properties
  • Poultry operations
  • Cattle farms
  • Recreational tracts
  • Part time farms
  • Rural residences
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